What Wo Do

Viyan Technologies is engaged in Software Development, Product Development, CRM, e-Commerce (B2B & B2C), e-Messaging, E-services, Intranet, Content Management Platform, Dealer Managent System, Vendor Management, Supply Chain Management Services.We have expertise in developing software solutions using the best available open source.

The company possess a keen understanding of the client requirements hence their solutions focus on delivering competitive business advantage and increased productivity for all their clients in a cost effective manner.

We works with our customers to develop unique business solutions that translate their vision and business strategy into an operational reality, helping them integrate, innovate and grow. Our knowledge, expertise and experience allow us to understand what works and how to make it work for our customers.

Mobile Apps have introduced a new aspect to the Internet access and application design &development model. Customized mobile solutions provide users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our team specializes in designing and developing award-winning mobile apps that are fast, attractive and easy to use.

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